Another example on how our connectivity solutions are used, this time in the Maritime sector

Our solutions are used for a lot of different kind of industries and today I want to point out another one of them:


Create one of the best possible LTE connectivities on a sailing yacht and be able to change the simcards in an easy way.

We always try to install the antennas as high as possible, but keep the cable lenght as short as possible, due to signal loss. When using long coax cables, signal loss could be too high, resulting in very poor or even no connection.


Combination of using the HD1 Dome, with CAT18 router and 4×4 MiMo antennas in one enclosure, in combination with a sim injector, powering the HD1 Dome via PoE+. (For more info: HD1/2 Dome Datasheet)

This solution can also be used for other sectors, like Transportation (buses), Construction (remote sites),  Industrial (City Centers, Shopping malls) etc.

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