Better communication between public safety organizations

Communication connection failure

The C2000 emergency services communication system broke-down after the 2009 crash of Turkish Airlines Flight 1951 at Schiphol. The failure was repeated in 2016 during the attacks in Brussels. The present communication system still cannot handle the load of a disaster. Both incidents created an overload of the system, preventing messages from reaching everyone involved. For the security of all citizens, an adequate and robust communication system should be a priority.

New communications capabilities

The government is currently working to improve the existing C2000 network. However, there is no discussion of innovative ways for various security services to communicate. Any new system should enable video and photo sharing for better, immediate situational assessment and appropriate response. This level of communication requires a robust connection to control rooms, command centers and related hotlines. The C2000 network is not sufficient and these more data intensive communications should be diverted to other technologies. These technologies would not replace the existing network C2000, but would be a supplement to it. Additional transmission options would  improve connection stability and at the same time be applicable to other communications.

Peplink a possible solution

Peplink makes it easier to asure a solid connection, and by extension, improve public safety. Current Peplink technologies makes it possible to have a secure, fast connection in even the most remote locations. The Peplink Technology can seamlessly switch between wireless WAN, 3G / 4G (in the near future, 5G), and satellite connections. The Software Defined WAN (SD-WAN) always selects the best connection option, and can dynamically change from one type of connection to another without any interruption to the users.

Examples of the police, fire department and ambulance services

The camera images currently available in many public places could be instantly transmitted to vehicles or command centers. The police and the fire department can react faster and more securely by understanding the situation before they even arrive. In addition, video could be directly shared between vehicles, police helicopters and emergency rooms. Several European police and fire departments already use Peplink.

The ambulance service is developing software to connect live video and audio from the scene of an emergency directly to doctors in the hospital, allowing ambulance personnel to respond more quickly and appropriately. In addition, vital information can be communicated from the ambulance to hospital staff so they are ready when the ambulance arrives, for faster, more efficient patient care.

“With Peplink towards an improved service”

Improved service with FrontierBV and Peplink

Are you, like many public safety organizations, looking for all-round connectivity solutions for your organization? Frontier Computer Corp., together with our resellers, will help you to find an appropriate solution for your situation. For questions, please feel free to contact us.

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