WiFi Hotspot We.Stream voor reizigers!

Mondicon launches We.Stream and we are proud to be the first distributor!

We.Stream focuses on intercontinental travelers, multinationals and resellers. Accessing the internet on a smartphone, tablet or laptop in other continents is usually very expensive due to the high roaming costs. Many people therefore make use of public WiFi hotspots abroad. But connecting to public WiFi networks is very risky. They are often used by hackers to […]

The need for SD-WAN for success in the IoT (Internet of Things)

Connectivity is becoming an increasingly important part of our lifes. Of course, many people are aware of this. Everything will be connected through millions of connected sensors and smart devices in our homes, offices and cities. That is why it is called the internet of things. The IoT developments are one of the biggest breakthroughs in history of the […]

Always and everywhere connected with Peplink on your yacht

“Flexible, reliable and cost effective Internet at sea and inland waterways.” Internet connections are no longer a privilege but a must. Also on the water it is important to be in touch with the world around you. You can think of being in contact with family, search for your weather forecast or simply for entertainment […]

Tip: block YouTube with Peplink content blocking

Peplink Balance and Pepwave MAX are full-feature software defined (SD-WAN) routers. And with the latest 6.3 firmware, among other new features and performance improvements, you can block YouTube, whether accessed on the web or with the YouTube app. To block YouTube, on your Peplink or Pepwave web admin interface, navigate to: Peplink Balance: Network > Firewall […]

Deliver critical app and security updates instantly with MediaFast

A couple of weeks ago we installed a Peplink MediaFast router at a customer for a trial. It was a small business with 9 people. 9 computers – 7 of them were running Microsoft Windows and the remaining 2 were Mac. Everyone had a smartphone and some also had a tablet. Up to 30 network […]

Tip: filter websites to protect your network and keep your team focused

Starting from firmware 6.3, Peplink devices support blocking specific website categories as defined by publicly available blocking lists, in addition to blocking specific web domains. Supported devices Two versions are available: light and full. The full version supports a larger blacklist with more specific categories. Light Full Balance One, 210, 310 MAX BR1 (hardware revision […]

Promo: free AP One with selected Balance router

To celebrate the holiday season, from now till Dec 31, Peplink is giving away complimentary AP One with every purchase of selected Balance and MediaFast routers. With every purchase of You get Balance 210/310/305/380/580 MediaFast 500 Get one FREE AP of: AP One 300M AP One In-Wall AP One AC Mini Balance 710/1350/2500 MediaFast 750 […]