BREAKING NEWS: If you don’t use this you will lose from your competitors

A lot of times we as Frontier Computer Corp noticed that customers struggle to achieve the optimal speed. In an earlier article, we explained the importance of a suitable antenna when using Peplink. A strong signal can drastically improve your connection speed. In this article, we would like to look at three types of antennas for the maritime sector that can provide a solution for each specific situation.

Peplink 5-in1 Multi Purpose Outdoor Omni Antenna

Did you know Peplink has a 5-in-1 antenna that reduces cable rundown and eases installation? It is specifically engineered for the MAX routers.

The Pointing High performance linear marine & coastal antenna

The OMNI-291 is a unique new design with improved electrical performance and using a standard 1 inch marine mount. The ultra-wide band covers all contemporary LTE operating frequencies with excellent balanced gain across all frequencies. Usable in all parts of the world, the OMNI-291 guarantees signal reception almost everywhere. The antenna is UV and Saltwater protected against tempestuous weather conditions.

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