Mondicon launches We.Stream and we are proud to be the first distributor!

We.Stream focuses on intercontinental travelers, multinationals and resellers. Accessing the internet on a smartphone, tablet or laptop in other continents is usually very expensive due to the high roaming costs. Many people therefore make use of public WiFi hotspots abroad. But connecting to public WiFi networks is very risky. They are often used by hackers to intercept information.

We.Stream offers the solution for this! With We.Stream, travelers always have their own safe and affordable WiFi hotspot at their disposal.

We.Stream is a secure mobile WiFi hotspot with built-in Cloud-SIM technology. This allows users to access the internet safely with unlimited internet in more than 100 countries worldwide (including China, The United States, Australia and Europe).

We.Stream is equipped with a built-in security solution, so that business users can access the internet safely anywhere in the world. With the possibility of setting up direct peer-to-peer VPN tunnels from the We.Stream, it’s very attractive for large multinationals. With this solution they literally have all the tools at their disposal to build a safe tunnel between the device and its own corporate network. We.Stream acts as a secure hub where employees can connect to the company network and the internet from anywhere in the world.

Mobile data provider Mondicon will launch We.Stream at the world’s largest tech fair CES in Las Vegas on 9 January 2018. The teaser is here ( and Frontier BV will have more details about We.Stream after January 10.

The need for SD-WAN for success in the IoT (Internet of Things)

Connectivity is becoming an increasingly important part of our lifes. Of course, many people are aware of this. Everything will be connected through millions of connected sensors and smart devices in our homes, offices and cities. That is why it is called the internet of things. The IoT developments are one of the biggest breakthroughs in history of the tech industry.

But why are IoT and WAN linked to each other?

Current architectures can’t provide the scalability or the flexibility required of IoT workloads. And if it’s possible, the costs are too high. This is where SD-WAN can provide the solution. SD-WAN makes it possible to abstract network architectures over the wide area to accommodate the dynamic and highly complex data patterns generated by legions or connected devices. It allows administrators to manage network servicesfrom a central or regional hub.

Another major advantage of SD-WAN is the proficient use of network data and analyzes to provide optimal connectivity. It is often possible to view real-time reportsand analyzes of previous data. This drastically increases the insight into external infrastructure for companies, making it possible to tackle performance-reducing problems before they cause a disruption.

Why do IoT Projects fail?

According to several reports there are a few reoccurring reasons why IoT projects fail. Some of the problems are an institutional shortfall, like lack of administrative priority from the top or failure to define goals. No technology can solve those sorts of problems. For other obstacles, like inconsistent connectivity or high bandwidth expenses, there is a solution.

Connectivity is a major hurdle for most IoT projects. An IoT solution requires certain essential network elements: sufficient data throughput, low-cost bandwidth, reliable connections, ability to scale connections to a number of devices, and coverage in remote areas. One of the primary appeals of IoT is the ability to connect remote systems and devices for reporting, monitoring, and control from a centralized location. The more remote and distant an asset is from a home office, the more appealing the capabilities become. At the same time, more remote areas tend to have fewer dedicated connection options, or none at all. All of these issues are exactly why Peplink and more specifically Pepwave devices are ideal for IoT applications.

Why is Peplink with Pepwave devices ideal for IoT applications?

A Peplink network can be used in various situations. When using a Peplink network you can work with different components and different connection strategies. And all that as part of the same network. In addition, everything can be controlled and managed remotely through the same interface called InControl2. Via InControl2, a comprehensive cloud based management tool, it is possible to see and adjust every aspect of the network.

You can also use the Peplink SpeedFusion technology. SpeedFusion manages data flow to keep it moving securely and quickly through the fastest available connection. As determined by the system administrator, the data can be send through the fastest, least expensive or most reliable connection. The packet send through each channel will be followed by SpeedFusion and at any time when a channel loses integrity, slows down or suffers packet loss, it will be moved to another path in a microsecond.

See here one of our succesful Peplink deployment in an IoT project.

Frontier BV and Peplink

Are you looking for all-round connectivity solutions for your IoT project? Frontier Computer Corp. or one of our Partners will help you find an appropriate solution for your situation. We deliver Peplink routers, antennas and data bundles and we have the necessary technical support available. For questions, please feel free to contact us by calling +31 (0)24-3660012 or via our website

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Always and everywhere connected with Peplink on your yacht

yacht blog picture“Flexible, reliable and cost effective Internet at sea and inland waterways.”

Internet connections are no longer a privilege but a must. Also on the water it is important to be in touch with the world around you. You can think of being in contact with family, search for your weather forecast or simply for entertainment on your yacht. But a good working Internet connection in remote locations is still not easy to accomplish. This often results in a lot of frustration for the owner, visitors and crew members.

The solution

The solution is often easier than you think. Obtaining an Internet connection nowadays is no longer an art. But in order to achieve a cost-effective, flexible and reliable internet connection is the challenge. To be able to create sufficient bandwidth is not an easy task. But Peplink has the best solution for every user in the Maritime sector. With its own mobile routers they can realize a customized solution for any situation and budget.

European Case Study

When the Albatross is sailing to the Caribian- and Mediterranean sea, it is necessary to provide their guests a fast and reliable Internet connection. Additionally, the transition between different mobile operators should be done seamlessly. Peplink was able to maintain a very reliable internet connection by installing two MAX BR1 LTE’s including redundant SIM slots. And by using seven AP One AC Mini’s they established a strong Wi-Fi connection for their guests on the yacht. This was more than a safe journey with happy guests.

Peplink and Frontier

Are you looking for a reliable and cost effective solution for your yacht or other transportation? Frontier Computer Corp. helps you to find a suitable solution for your situation through Peplink products. For questions, please feel free to contact us.

Tip: block YouTube with Peplink content blocking

Peplink Balance and Pepwave MAX are full-feature software defined (SD-WAN) routers. And with the latest 6.3 firmware, among other new features and performance improvements, you can block YouTube, whether accessed on the web or with the YouTube app.

To block YouTube, on your Peplink or Pepwave web admin interface, navigate to:

Peplink Balance: Network > Firewall > Content Blocking
Pepwave MAX: Advanced > Content Blocking

Then add these domains to the customised domains.


block youtube with peplink content blocking

And that’s it. Once the change is saved and applied, YouTube will no longer be accessible.

Note: Please make sure DNS settings and web cache are flushed after the changes are applied to avoid viewing YouTube content from your local cache.

Peplink never stops perfecting their products. In the next product firmware 6.3.2, Peplink plans to include a web blocking category checkbox for YouTube so blocking it will be as simple as a single click. Keep an eye out!

Deliver critical app and security updates instantly with MediaFast

mediafast 200 router trial for small to medium businesses

A couple of weeks ago we installed a Peplink MediaFast router at a customer for a trial.

It was a small business with 9 people. 9 computers – 7 of them were running Microsoft Windows and the remaining 2 were Mac.

Everyone had a smartphone and some also had a tablet. Up to 30 network devices were expected.

The MediaFast 200 was installed between the internet modem and their exiting Peplink Balance 305 router which was managing multiple VLAN for business, VoIP and guest Wi-Fi network.

Here are the results after a week of usage. The customer is happy to let us share them.

deliver critical security update instantly and save 15% bandwidth with mediafast 200 router

Total internet usage for the week was 1014.57 MB + 5.68 GB = 6.69 GB.

1014.57 MB was served from cache instead of having to download from the internet.

That is 1014.57 MB / 6.69 GB = 15.16% of bandwidth usage saved.

These cached contents were mostly Microsoft Windows app or security updates. When the first Windows PC requested these updates from Microsoft, the MediaFast router seamlessly cached them while they were downloaded. When the next Windows PC requested the same updates, the MediaFast router delivered them instantly from local cache instead of downloading them again from the internet.

MediaFast ensured that all critical Windows app and security updates were instantly delivered for complete protection against latest threats.

It also freed up 15.16% of bandwidth for VoIP, video conference and other business uses.

The customer is impressed with the MediaFast router. A trial becomes a deployment.

MediaFast can solve your internet problems too. Tell us how to reach you and we will come in touch with a solution.

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Tip: filter websites to protect your network and keep your team focused

filter websites to protect your network and keep your team focused

Starting from firmware 6.3, Peplink devices support blocking specific website categories as defined by publicly available blocking lists, in addition to blocking specific web domains.

Supported devices

Two versions are available: light and full. The full version supports a larger blacklist with more specific categories.

Light Full
Balance One, 210, 310
MAX BR1 (hardware revision 2 or above), BR1 ENT, BR2, Transit, OTG (hardware revision 2 or above), 700 HD2, HD2 Mini, HD4
MediaFast 200, HD2, HD4
Surf SOHO (hardware revision 2 or above)
Balance 305, 380, 580, 710, 1350, 2500
MediaFast 500, 750

Blocking pre-set categories

To begin, navigate to Network > Firewall > Content Blocking (For MAX routers: Advanced > Content Blocking).

Light Version

web blocking light

Full Version

web blocking full

For either version, select the categories you wish to block by ticking the checkmarks. Alternately, you can also use our presets by clicking the High, Moderate, and Low radio buttons.

web blocking full moderate

Once the presets are selected, you will be able to add or remove categories as needed. Please note that the presets may change when the device firmware upgrades, potentially changing your category selection.

Blocking user-defined domains

In addition to the pre-set categories, you can also specify domains to block or allow.

web blocking domain

If “” is entered, any web site with a host name ending in will be blocked, e.g.,, etc. However, “” will not be blocked.

You may enter the wild card “.*” at the end of a domain name to block any web site with a host name having the domain name in the middle. If you enter “foobar.*”, then “”, “”, or “” will be blocked. Placing the wild card in any other position is not supported.

The device will inspect and look for blocked domain names on all HTTP traffic. Secure web (HTTPS) traffic is not supported.

Exempting user groups and subnets


You can also set up specific user groups or subnets to exempt from web blocking and application blocking. Simply click the checkbox for the groups you wish to exempt, and add your network and subnet masks. Please note that these exemptions affect both web and application blocking.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Web Blocking list work?

Your router has an integrated list of website categories (e.g. adverts, file sharing). When the router detects traffic from a source URL that matches the website list, that traffic can then be blocked if needed.

Will the web blocking list work without an InControl 2 subscription?

Yes, the web blocking list will continue to function without an InControl 2 subscription. However, the list will not be updated.

Will the web blocking list work for out-of-warranty devices?

Yes, the Web Blocking list will continue to function for out-of-warranty devices. However, the list will not be updated.

Can you block video streaming with the YouTube and its mobile app?

Yes. See Tip: block YouTube with Peplink content blocking for details.

Can you block video streaming with the Netflix?

Yes. See Tip: block Netflix with Peplink content blocking for details.

Promo: free AP One with selected Balance router

To celebrate the holiday season, from now till Dec 31, Peplink is giving away complimentary AP One with every purchase of selected Balance and MediaFast routers.

promo free ap one

With every purchase of You get
Balance 210/310/305/380/580
MediaFast 500
Get one FREE AP of:
AP One 300M
AP One In-Wall
AP One AC Mini
Balance 710/1350/2500
MediaFast 750
Get two (2) FREE AP of:
AP One 300M
AP One In-Wall
AP One AC Mini

Now is an excellent time to build that fast, stable, and easy-to-use Wi-Fi network you always wanted. Offer your guests Social Wi-Fi, and manage your whole network from any web browser using InControl 2. Set everything up in minutes so that you can quickly go back to spending time with friends and family.

Your Peplink grows in time

Peplink believes in innovation and long term support for their products.

With the relentless effort from their software engineering team, Peplink has been able to push the current Peplink Balance and MediaFast hardware platforms to achieve up to 2.5 times more routing performance.

While the industry norm is to ask customers to upgrade their hardware as growth demands, Peplink puts their efforts into making their routers work simpler, faster and last longer.

Learn about the free performance upgrade here.

Tip: power your IP phone or camera with Pepwave MAX BR1 ENT

Did you know you can power your IP phone or camera with MAX BR1 ENT?

One cable is all you need for power and connectivity.

power your IP phone or camera with Pepwave MAX BR1 ENT

You can download the PDF here.

For more information on the Pepwave MAX BR1 ENT, contact us at