3 a.m. Urgent works. Internet down. What do you do?


Internet likes to fail when you need it the most.

See how Michael Horowitz, a Defensive Computing blogger on Computer World, kept his entire home network online and stayed productive in a mid-night internet blackout, with a Peplink Surf SOHO.


Peplink Hybrid WAN for enterprise branching provisioning


“Peplink helped us to create reliable connectivity while keeping cost under control. With many users and sites to manage, Peplink proved to be a reliable, flexible and cost-efficient solution”

Michael Golias, IT Director, Mytilineos Group.

Mytilineos Holdings is one of Greece’s leading industrial conglomerates. They take on projects in engineering and construction, metallurgy, mining and energy in over 15 countries around the world.

With a mix of branch offices and remote sites with varying bandwidth quality in Europe, Middle East and North Africa, they needed a cost effect and easy way to provision for them as well as connect them back to headquarters. The combination of these factors created a complex challenge for Mytilineos, especially when it came to centrally managing these sites.

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InControl 2 IP addresses/domain name

Peplink Balance or Pepwave MAX report to InControl 2 securely on the IP addresses or domain name listed here.

Load balancing algorithms can be used to gear the InControl 2 reporting traffic as desired.

Secure your internet with Peplink business class routers

See what Security Researcher, Steve Gibson and Michael Horowitz, recommends to keep your internet free of bugs and stay protected against security breach.

Read the full review by Michael Horowitz at http://routersecurity.org/pepwavesurfsofo.php

Interview by Hier aan de Kust on SBS 6

2016-07-13 14:34:34

We are delighted to be invited by Hier aan de Kust to share our Peplink success story with the Pioneering Spirit on their show.

Hier aan de Kust is a 9-episode TV news programme that explores latest maritime innovations and technologies along the Dutch and Belgium coast.

2016-07-13 13:00:33

Catch our episode on Sunday, July 24, from 15:30 to 16:00 on SBS 6

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Quocirca Insights: Look to the disruptive SD-WAN players


Quocirca Insights looks at the Software-Defined WAN (SD-WAN) market and concludes that

There are the early market entrants such as Peplink with strong experience in access channel bonding and wireless networking. They are challenging the traditional hardware WAN sector with low cost but still powerful hardware tightly coupled with flexible software management.

Review the findings here.

InControl 2 bandwidth usage

Monthly bandwidth usage for Peplink Balance and Pepwave MAX are below.

Peplink Balance and Pepwave MAX without GPS fleet tracking Around 15Mb
Peplink Balance and Pepwave MAX with GPS fleet tracking Around 30Mb

Extra bandwidth usage will incur when a device is monitored live on InControl 2.

Success story

Customer success story is known to be an effective tool to raise awareness of Peplink solution and to provide exposure for our value-added integration partner.

Peplink and Frontier Computer Corp. B.V. will compose the customer success story, with mentions of the values that our partner provided, and with credit and referral to our value-added partner.

The story will be shared on our websites, social channels, in email newsletter, and press release as appropriate.

The following details are needed to compose a customer success story.

Customer acquisition

How did the end customer find out about Peplink e.g. through the partner, by a referral or by searching on Google?


What is the problem the end customer were facing e.g. slow, unreliable or expensive internet or what was the challenge the end customer wanted to overcome e.g. to increase bandwidth while driving down data cost?


What solution did we propose e.g. a Peplink Balance or Pepwave MAX connecting to multiple internet connections to drive down data cost while providing faster and more reliable internet?

Why did we propose this solution?

If applicable, what accessories did we propose to supplement the solution e.g. outdoor high-gain Wi-Fi/4G LTE antenna?

Why did we propose these accessories?


Did the end customer have a proposal from competitor?

If so, who was the competitor and what was the competing proposal?

Why did the end customer choose our Peplink solution over the competing offer?

Why did the end customer choose you as the integrator for their Peplink solution?


What were the obstacles during deployment e.g. lack of staff with IT networking knowledge to arrange installation with or any other unforeseen circumstances?

How did we overcome these obstacles?


With the Peplink solutions, what did we accomplish e.g. reducing 5GB data usage and saving €3,000 every month?


Photos of the Peplink/Pepwave devices in deployment and accessories e.g. antennas if applicable supplementing the deployment.


A testimonial from the customer. Full name and title of the contact person e.g. the IT manager. A photo of the contact person to complement the testimonial.

A testimonial from the integration partner. Full name and title of the integrator e.g. the account manager or the technical support engineer. A photo of the contact person to complement the testimonial.

Peplink makes remote management easy

Peplink understand it is difficult to manage deployments for all your customers remotely.

With InControl 2 remote monitoring and management platform, you have complete visibility over all of your customers’ deployments. In a few clicks, you can change configurations, upgrade firmware, review logs and usage, and perform remote support and diagnostics, as if the device is right in front of you.

Peplink has also the Router Utility mobile app allowing your Peplink router to send you push notification when it sees a problem.

With these tools, Peplink will help you provide top-notch support at least cost so you can focus on scaling up your business.

Peplink protects partner initiative and effort

With the deal registration you can register a sales lead you invest time and effort in under your name.

Once approved, you will received extra discount as a reward for your effort, and because only you have the extra discount, you can be sure that you will not be undercut by price.