Many people already know that antenna choice is important with 4G solutions. However still a lot of people don’t know what the effects are with long antenna cables.

When installing the router close to the antenna as possible you minimize the loss on the Coaxial cable. In some solutions there is no option to do that. So, you must make compromises in your solution.

Many of our support cases are related to long antenna cables. In those support cases people are pointing to the router or antenna first. After troubleshooting we find out that in some cases the antenna cable is over 20 meters long. This results in a huge amount of Radio Frequency Loss in your cable.

And therein lies the problem! The antenna cable is your highway to your successful deployment.

Selecting the correct antenna cable sounds like a piece of cake and easy to choose which size of antenna cable and with minimal financial costs.

In the illustration below you will see a closer view to the differences in RF cable and their losses when making the compromises.

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