Connectivity opportunities for the maritime sector

It is an endless struggle to have better connections to the Internet. Also, only using VSAT is an expensive option that not every organization can afford. With Peplink the options are endless. 4G LTE and Wi-Fi are fast and cost-effective.

With coverage in inland water, short sea and offshore, they are perfect complementary to VSAT, Iridium and Inmarsat satellite services. This raises a need for a dependable router to monitor and manage these wireless internet – to use the fastest and cheapest internet available while switching seamlessly between them as they come in and out of coverage. This is what the Peplink Balance or the Pepwave MAX Software-Defined WAN (SD-WAN) routers, are engineered for.

Use Wi-Fi, 4G LTE alongside VSAT and Iridium or Inmarsat mobile satellite service for maximum network agility and flexibility. Peplink Balance or Pepwave MAX router actively monitors your internet connections. If your VSAT or mobile satellite service fails due to service outage or defect hardware, Peplink automatically gears traffic to the other wireless internet connections so you will stay connected. Besides these advantages Peplink gives you the oppertunity to have fast internet at a lower cost.

VSAT and mobile satellite service cover deep sea but they are slow and expensive. 4G LTE and Wi-Fi are fast and cheap but they are limited to inland water, short sea, and offshore. By combining these wireless internet, you can have a high bandwidth connection at a fraction of the cost. The monthly cost saving will provide an immediate return on investment in Peplink.

In order to better exploit the benefits of a Peplink router, we have done a test with different antennas. The weaker your signal strength – for data connections using the LTE/3G and HSPA data bands – the slower your connection speed will be. When you search for your ideal antenna, you should look for one that has a significant gain in all of the frequency ranges that are applicable to your needs.

Case studies

Chemgas Shipping

Chemgas has always struggled with connectivity on their vessels. The cellular signal they were getting was weak and the system, not easy to configure in the first place. Owing to the increasing importance of connectivity out at sea, they had to look for a more intuitive and robust system that’s easy to setup and will provide connection failover. Peplink makes it possible to have seamless alway-on internet, an improved productivity and full 40 vessels deployment.

“Peplink equipment is easy to configure. Compared to our previous solution, the MAX BR1 IP55 is a great improvement in that it has a much better 3G connection. All our vessels are now equipped with Peplink devices and we can’t be happier.”

Frans Mandersloot, Project Manager, Chemgas Shipping B.V.

M/Y Fortunate Sun

Owners and guests were not happy with the slow internet speeds provided by their previous solution. They also need to have 4G LTE service when traveling across Europe, Caribbean and the US. 2x MAX BR1 LTE routers are installed onboard M/Y Fortunate Sun in combination with two high-gain omnidirectional cellular antennas. MAX BR1 LTE is installed in the mast to reduct cable runs and signal loss, with external antennas for the best possible performance. Now they can enjoy reliable and secure connections no matter where they are.

Luxurious river cruise operator in Europe – AmaWaterways

Cruise passengers need internet access for web browsing, to keep in touch with friends and family, and share their journey on social networks. Internet is so integrated into the everyday life that, it is often the first thing a passenger asks when boarding. Committed to providing the best travel experience possible, AmaWaterways needs a way to provide quality 24/7 internet access to the each of their 150 premier guests as if they were onshore.

Websites are becoming increasingly content-heavy and media-rich for a better browsing experience. This results in a steady rise in the bandwidth usage and data cost over time. Internet audio and video call let passengers stay in touch with family and friends. They do also add bandwidth usage and data cost. Mobiles devices by default perform app and system updates when connected to a Wi-Fi network. These updates bring new features and security enhancement, but having these automatic downloads onboard significantly increases bandwidth usage and cost. This raises a challenge of fulfilling passengers’ increasing bandwidth needs without skyrocketing data cost which already amounts to €800 a day.

Peplink was the right solution for this problem. The Peplink Balance with MediaFast router comes with built-in SSD storage. This allows the router to seamlessly cache content in the built-in SSD storage. Content e.g. news website and mobile app or system update will be cached in the router’s built-in SSD storage when they are requested by a passenger’s mobile device. Subsequent access to the same content by other passenger’s mobile devices will be delivered instantly from cache without having to download the same content again from the internet which would incur additional bandwidth usage.

The total bandwidth usage is reduced by 2GB to 5GB a day saving €1,200 to €3,000 a month in data cost. This provides an immediate return on investment for AmaWaterways. The substantial cost saving is able to pay back their investment in Peplink MediaFast in only months.

Frontier Computer Corp. and Peplink

Are you looking for all-round connectivity solutions for your organization? Frontier Computer Corp. will help you find an appropriate solution for your situation. We deliver Peplink routers, antennas and data bundles and we have the necessary technical support. For questions, please feel free to contact us by calling +31 (0)24-3660012 or via our website

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