Deliver critical app and security updates instantly with MediaFast

mediafast 200 router trial for small to medium businesses

A couple of weeks ago we installed a Peplink MediaFast router at a customer for a trial.

It was a small business with 9 people. 9 computers – 7 of them were running Microsoft Windows and the remaining 2 were Mac.

Everyone had a smartphone and some also had a tablet. Up to 30 network devices were expected.

The MediaFast 200 was installed between the internet modem and their exiting Peplink Balance 305 router which was managing multiple VLAN for business, VoIP and guest Wi-Fi network.

Here are the results after a week of usage. The customer is happy to let us share them.

deliver critical security update instantly and save 15% bandwidth with mediafast 200 router

Total internet usage for the week was 1014.57 MB + 5.68 GB = 6.69 GB.

1014.57 MB was served from cache instead of having to download from the internet.

That is 1014.57 MB / 6.69 GB = 15.16% of bandwidth usage saved.

These cached contents were mostly Microsoft Windows app or security updates. When the first Windows PC requested these updates from Microsoft, the MediaFast router seamlessly cached them while they were downloaded. When the next Windows PC requested the same updates, the MediaFast router delivered them instantly from local cache instead of downloading them again from the internet.

MediaFast ensured that all critical Windows app and security updates were instantly delivered for complete protection against latest threats.

It also freed up 15.16% of bandwidth for VoIP, video conference and other business uses.

The customer is impressed with the MediaFast router. A trial becomes a deployment.

MediaFast can solve your internet problems too. Tell us how to reach you and we will come in touch with a solution.

Een moment geduld aub.

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