Balance SDX, member of Peplink’s Enterprise X Series with their unique Flex Module Portfolio

Meet the Balance SDX, a member of Peplink’s Enterprise X Series family with their unique Flex Module Portfolio. Whether via datacenter or Azure/AWS cloud, Enterprise businesses now access their vital ERP, CRM, and POS applications online. To ensure absolute business continuity, the Balance SDX combines Ethernet and SFP+ WAN into anunbreakable SpeedFusion VPN.

The SDX base router has two 10Gb SFP+ WAN ports, two GbE WAN ports, two USB 3.0 modem ports and eight GbE LAN ports supporting PoE+ output. And with 12Gbps of throughput, the SDX can handle the bandwidth requirements of any enterprise branch network.

The SDX has a slot for a FlexModule* and there are three versions available, all useful for scaling deployments where growth is anticipated, as well as instantly apply new technology as new modules are released:

* 3x cellular WAN: Combine cellular links for wireless SD-WAN backup to the primary connection.

* 8x ethernet WAN/LAN: Use up to 8x WAN, or connect PoE enabled devices on the LAN.

* 4x fiber WAN/LAN: Build an all-Fiber network by connecting Fiber WANs and LAN Switches.

More info can be found via the folowing link: SDX Data Sheet

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