Ensure business continuity

In January alone there were more than 120 incidents of internet failures all over the Netherlands.


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You probably remember the stress you had last time your company went offline? Phone down and business email stopped and there was nothing you could do about it.

With our partner, a specialist in satellite communication, we provide an internet continuity package that uses KaSat satellite internet to keep your company online, and to avoid loss of productivity or sales, when landline internet fails.

The package combines a professional KaSatPro satellite system with the Peplink Balance One business dual-WAN router. When your primary landline internet fails, the Peplink Balance One automatically switches over to satellite internet and notify you of the incident.

peplink balance multi-wan internet routers

When your primary internet is back again, you will be connected back on landline and the satellite internet will be standing by.

You have insurance for your car to keep it on the road. And for €3 a day, you can have insurance for your business continuity as well.

Contact us for a proposal.

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