Going around the world in a camper and stay connected

In 2018, the Huth Family changed their life. They sold their house and moved into a motorhome for their travel around the world. Learning, working and communicating on the road. A stable and fast Internet is the basis for their new life model. Mathias is building his own business as a management consultant and Lysann is responsible for the social media and takes care of the kids’ education. Both kids (6 and 12 years) learn, by means of learning software, by laptop and iPad.

As the family enjoys both nature and camping sites, a robust solution was sought that would allow access to both a mobile phone network and an available WLAN. When driving, a stable Internet connection is also important in order to be able to work on the road. They decided on the Poynting Group MIMO antenna in combination with the Peplink BR1 router. Comment from Mathias:” It’s been 9 months since we left our house behind and moved into our motorhome. Today we live, work and teach our kids on the road. Whether on the way to the next pitch or in the middle of nowhere, a stable internet connection is essential. This solution makes our new digital life possible. Our experiences so far: only the street is the limit, not the internet.”

More info on MIMO antennes: Poynting

More info on Peplink cellular routers: Pepwave

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