InControl 2 cloud management

InControl 2 is a cloud monitoring and management platform for Peplink and Pepwave routers. It is accessible on

InControl 2 cloud management requires the Peplink Balance or Pepwave MAX routers to have either a valid InControl 2 subscription or a valid hardware warranty. Read more on Product Warranty and Support Services.

Below is an overview of InControl 2.

InControl 2 is hosted, by Peplink, on the Amazon Web Services. It is one of the largest providers in cloud computing services and is trusted for its security and reliability.

It is possible to have InControl 2 in a private setup. Private InControl 2 is available as either a hardware appliance or a virtual appliance.

The private InControl 2 virtual appliance binary package and an installation guide can be downloaded here.

Contact for pricing of private InControl 2 hardware appliance or virtual appliance.