Is your internet connection already safe?

privacy act picture“One in three general practices violates the Privacy act when enrolling online”

After the Authority Personal Data has already pointed general practices and pharmacies in 2013 on the fact that they are processing repeat prescriptions with an unsecured connection, many general practices again entered the error. Registering online is the biggest stumbling point. The forms, which often contain privacy sensitive information, are in 29.3% of cases transmitted in a non-secure HTTPS connection. This makes identity fraud and dose change for hackers easier. Vice President Wilbert Tomesen of Authority Personal Data says: “Apparently they do not yet realize the urgency of this issue.”.

Patients should be confident that GP practices carefully and correctly handle their data. Therefore, next year there will be stricter controls by authorities. When General Practices are still committing any errors, there will be consequences in the form of high fines handed out by the Authority for Personal Data.

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Source: RTL Nieuws

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