Introducing Peplink’s next-generation quad-cellular router: the HD4 MBX!

Right out of the box, the Pepwave HD4 MBX supports Gigabit LTE. For future technologies, the MBX features a swappable cellular module, so when you need to upgrade to 5G, you can simply swap your old one with a new one. The MBX is also capable of 2.5Gbps of throughput, giving you plenty of bandwidth for Gigabit Ethernet, 5G, or any future mobile technologies. 2.5Gbps also gives your wired connections plenty of room to operate in concert with wireless connections, building network resilience and ensuring that your branch office stays up.

The HD4 MBX is ideal for mobile implementations. With the HD4 MBX you can combine a maximum of 4 mobile connections into a superfast, SD-WAN connection. The HD4 MBX supports a maximum of 8 SIM cards, with room for another 8 with the optional SIM injector. With a maximum of 16 mobile providers to connect to, you should no longer have any problems with coverage.

In addition, the HD4 MBX has 3 WAN ports for, for example, a satellite connection and fiber connection. The HD4 MBX also comes with 8x 802.3at PoE ports to power your IP phones, cameras and access points.

The HD4 MBX is 5G-ready! It has a removable LTE-A module so if you need to upgrade to 5G, you can easily swap the old with a new one.

The HD4 MBX comes with multiple functions to make it ideal for mobile implementations. Ignition Sensing is one of them and gives the possibility to switch the router on and off, depending on whether the vehicle is started or switched off.

the HD4 MBX fits in a wide variety of scenarios like Maritime, Public Safety, Transportation, Temporary sites, Branch offices, Events etc.