Last week we had another challenging installation in The Netherlands

Last week we had another challenging installation in The Netherlands.

The customer wanted to have an internet connection on land at their dock and supply the yachts on the side of the dock with Wi-Fi. They were informed a landline was not possible. Customer wanted to use this connection for private internet, but also to show potential new yacht owners the power of using the Peplink and Poynting 4G solutions on the yachts. Although this installation is static and we can use directional antennas to create high speed 4G internet connections, we can also offer solutions in a non static environment, like a moving yacht. The outcome is the same, generating a high speed unbreakable 4G internet solution!

For this particular case, we used a combination of a Peplink HD2 LTEA dual modem router together with two Poynting Antennas OMNI-496 WiFi antennas and the newest Poynting XPOL-2 5G directional antennas, pointed to two different cell masts, one from,KPN and one from,Vodafone.

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