Mondicon launches We.Stream and we are proud to be the first distributor!

We.Stream focuses on intercontinental travelers, multinationals and resellers. Accessing the internet on a smartphone, tablet or laptop in other continents is usually very expensive due to the high roaming costs. Many people therefore make use of public WiFi hotspots abroad. But connecting to public WiFi networks is very risky. They are often used by hackers to intercept information.

We.Stream offers the solution for this! With We.Stream, travelers always have their own safe and affordable WiFi hotspot at their disposal.

We.Stream is a secure mobile WiFi hotspot with built-in Cloud-SIM technology. This allows users to access the internet safely with unlimited internet in more than 100 countries worldwide (including China, The United States, Australia and Europe).

We.Stream is equipped with a built-in security solution, so that business users can access the internet safely anywhere in the world. With the possibility of setting up direct peer-to-peer VPN tunnels from the We.Stream, it’s very attractive for large multinationals. With this solution they literally have all the tools at their disposal to build a safe tunnel between the device and its own corporate network. We.Stream acts as a secure hub where employees can connect to the company network and the internet from anywhere in the world.

Mobile data provider Mondicon will launch We.Stream at the world’s largest tech fair CES in Las Vegas on 9 January 2018. The teaser is here ( and Frontier BV will have more details about We.Stream after January 10.

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