The new SD Switch are in stock!

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The new SD Switch are in stock.

The SD switch is a new Class of Switch with Cloud Intelligence. It is possible to view the status of every SD Switch on a single interface. You can push configurations to device groups and remotely schedule PoE port operation. The SD Switch is equipped with dual AC power inputs and up to 3x PSU to ensure that it will keep running no matter what.


Simplify management and cut down maintenance time by unifying your VLAN management across your SD Switches and other Peplink devices.

Search for any device across all your SD Switches, and quickly nd out which devices are causing problems.

The SD Switch is built with dual AC power inputs, enabling you to connect it to two independent power sources. Even if one source accidentally loses its connection, the SD Switch will keep on running. The SD Switch is also built with up to three power supplies. By balancing the load between them, they have a longer life expectancy. Even if a power supply goes down, the SD Switch will still keep on running.

Full specs and SKU can be reviewed in the datasheet here.

Pricing is available on your price list.

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