Our solutions are used for a lot of different kind of industries!

Our solutions are used for a lot of different kind of industries and today I want to point out another one of them:

* Determination of precise location thanks to the Peplink BR1 Mini router (MAX BR1 Datasheet)

VRS Next provides a service to improve the accuracy of GNSS positioning in real time, based on RTK (Real-Time Kinematic) technology.

* The challenge

Setting up an international network of fully redundant RTK GNSS CORS stations, to provide the highest possible reliability and accuracy for applications like Land Surveying, 3D-Machine Control, Drone mapping and Precision Farming. The GNSS data must be integrated centrally in the software. For this, a well-managed and reliable data network must be realized through 4G/LTE.

* The solution

VRS Next tested several brands and the Peplink BR1 MINI with redundant SIM solution, together with the InControl2 management software and Poynting XPOL antenna series, has the best solution in monitoring, alarm and remote management.

Website VRS Next: https://www.vrsnext.com/

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