A Peplink account with your sales/deal registrations for protections and an overview of all devices you sold.

Reminder – Serial Number should be provided in this format: XXXX-XXXX-XXXX

If you want to receive a Peplink account please contact us to create a resellers account for you. With the reseller account you are able to activate warranties for your customers, make deal registrations for protection and have an overview of all your devices you have sold to your customers.

All your Peplink products have to be registered under a customer account once they are sold, to maintain accurate warranty status (counted from the Date of Sales). Otherwise, the warranty would be counted from the Date of Delivery.

Sales/Deal registrations Peplink account

The deal registration program is designed to protect each partner’s investment in identifying and developing sales opportunities for Peplink. There is a number of requirements to be followed and once your deal is approved by Peplink, it is valid for 90 days. Deal Registration is project basis, not customer basis.

Benefits of a Peplink account:

  • Manage your devices and customers
  • Create an overview of devices sold to customers.
  • Activating warranties and tie serial numbers to your customers
  • Create an overview of your Peplink deals.
  • Register deals and close them when they are processed.
  • Knowledgebase available with presentations/datasheets, logo’s, event materials etc.
  • Product Certifications and Guide documentation available.