Peplink engineering philosophy

Peplink in an engineering-centric company with a firm belief in innovation.

More than 75% of the people at Peplink are engineers and developers with a sole focus on product development and innovation.

Peplink develops features that customers demand and improve product performance, as much as 2.5x times more routing throughput, and deliver them to all customers by free firmware upgrade.

This is how Peplink leads the way in software defined WAN (SD-WAN).

This also means that the product documentation has a difficult time catching up with the rate that Peplink is innovating and the new features and improvements that Peplink is bringing to the customers.

Keep in mind to:

  1. Always test a feature or network design with the latest firmware.
  2. Always look out for the latest documentation and be not surprised when you come across obsolete documentation that contradicts with your test results. Peplink rather invests their engineering resources in product development and innovation than maintaining obsolete resources.