Peplink for caravans, campers and recreational vehicle

RV Daily Report: Podcast 109 on how Peplink can provide a faster and better internet for caravans, campers and recreational vehicle.

Is there anything RVers can use to combine Wi-Fi with cellular technology? Starting at 24 minute in this podcast by RV Daily Report, Mark explains how Peplink can help.

“Peplink routers combine Wi-Fi and cellular technology. And in combination with a good sized antenna, which provides the ability to pick up signal strength that the little hand-held Mi-Fi can’t, it will give you a boost inside the RV. It also has the ability to retransmit that bandwidth out to 50 feet away from the RV.

If you are at a camp group that doesn’t have the signal strength that you need, it will fall back to cellular. And likewise if you are on the road, you can just be using cellular.”

Listen or download the full podcast here.

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