Peplink Priority Support

As a Frontier Peplink Partner, you have access to the Peplink Priority Support team for priority technical support.

Before contacting Peplink Priority Support, be sure to:

  1. Understand Peplink engineering philosophy.
  2. Look through the technical resources.
  3. Upgrade your Peplink to the latest firmware.

To help Peplink better understand your technical issue and to facilitate a timely resolution. When contacting Peplink Priority Support, please include/do:

  1. Product model
  2. Product serial number
  3. Product firmware version
  4. Diagnostic report
  5. Enable remote assistance
  6. And specify if you are unable to include any one of the above.

And email them to Peplink Priority Support team at and cc

After contacting Peplink Priority Support, you should receive an acknowledgement email from Peplink with an email title that starts with “[Ticket #xxxxx]”. The 5-digit number after the # sign is your support ticket number. Please quote your support ticket number when requested and keep the email title unchanged when exchanging with Peplink.

If you do not receive an acknowledgement email from Peplink within an hour. It means your support request did not reach Peplink successfully. Please email again your request.

Once you have the acknowledgement email from Peplink. You should expect to hear back from Peplink within 2 business days. If you do not, please send  a follow up email for update quoting your support ticket number.