Poor WiFi is still a stumbling point in the hospitality industry

wifi hospitality pictureMany businesses in the hospitality industry still rely on one ISP, giving them a much greater risk off outages. This is a major irritation for many guests. For employees who perform a public function within the organization it often requires a lot of patience to deal with the customers, while they do not have the solution. Peplink can be a solution to this problem. Many facilities in the hospitality industry still rely on a single service provider for Internet access, so they run a much higher risk of downtime. The Peplink Balance eliminates downtime by using redundant Internet connections and will constantly perform “health checks” for each connection. When a service failure is detected, the Peplink Balance will automatically re-route traffic to a healthy link, providing 100% Internet uptime. This transparent failover functionality of the Peplink Balance eliminates Internet connection interruptions and maintains incredibly reliable Internet access for hotel guests and management.

Also, it is possible to prioritize the Internet connections. Your employees can easily prioritize VPN, VoIP / SIP, streaming audio / video and other demanding applications through your best Internet connections while email and non-critical Internet traffic can be handled by less expensive cable and DSL connections. This ensures that your employees and management always use the appropriate Internet connections and it also provides quality connections for guests.

Are you interested in the possibilities of Peplink within your organization? Frontier Computer Corp BV will gladly assist you to find a suitable Peplink solution for your situation. For questions, please feel free to contact us.

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