Product category

All Peplink and Pepwave products are classified into three categories: Blue-Chip series, Velocity series and Volume Discount series.

Volume discount series and Velocity series products are ideal for rapid deployment in a variety of applications.

Aggressively priced, volume discount series and velocity series products provide the advanced features and proven reliability that are otherwise available only to enterprises.

Blue-Chip series products come with  advanced features and proven reliability.

The Blue-Chip Series can handle the most demanding applications and is priced to match its superior performance.

Blue-Chip series, Velocity series and Volume Discount series follow different price advertising policy.

Volume Discount series Velocity series Blue-Chip series
MAX BR1 Mini

Peplink PoE switches

Balance 20, 30, 50, One routers

AP One, AP Pro enterprise and industrial access points

Balance 210, 310, 305, 380, 580, 710, 1350, 2500 routers

Balance with MediaFast 200, 500, 750

MAX cellular routers except for the MAX BR1 Mini

MAX HD2, HD4 with MediaFast

FusionHub SpeedFusion virtual appliance