Products and benefits

Peplink makes routers.

Peplink has two product families – The Peplink Balance routers and the Pepwave MAX routers. They differ in their WAN interfaces.

Peplink Balance routers Pepwave MAX routers
2-12 ethernet ports and one USB 4G LTE/3G port for WAN 2-4 embedded 4G LTE/3G modems, or USB 4G LTE/3G ports, and ethernet ports for WAN

Both Peplink Balance and the Pepwave MAX router families provide the same core values.

  1. Provide more bandwidth by combining bandwidth from multiple internet connections.
  2. Increase network agility and reliability by using internet connections from multiple providers.
  3. Reduce connectivity costs by offloading data usage from expensive network to affordable connections.

Peplink has two complementary products to the Peplink Balance and the Pepwave MAX routers.

FusionHub appliance InControl 2 appliance
For Establishing a SpeedFusion bandwidth bonding virtual private network (VPN) to your Peplink Balance or Pepwave MAX routers InControl 2 remote monitoring and management platform hosted at your private premise or datacentre
Virtual appliance Yes Yes
Hardware appliance No Yes
Virtual appliance image and installation guide Here Here
Remark Designed for large-scale SpeedFusion deployment connecting hundreds or even thousands of Peplink or Pepwave routers to a central location or a datacentre. Designed for sensitive deployment that requires the remote monitoring and management platform to be hosted at a private premise or datacentre.