WLAN Industrial

In the industrial sector, Peplink provides two WLAN solutions for your network: the Pepwave Device Connector and the AP Pro. The Device Connector is a Wi-Fi adapter for any device with only an Ethernet connection, which improves your range. The AP Pro is a WLAN solution for every situation, providing you with a fast and reliable Wi-Fi connection even in the worst weather conditions.

Benefits Peplink AP One rugged acces points

Pepwave Device Connector

With the Pepwave Device Connector you connect all your devices without many cables or difficult configuration. The Device Connector is compatible with every access point, so you do not need to purchase any new equipment for an excellent Wi-Fi connection. Simply plug your Device Connector into an Ethernet connection and upgrade your Ethernet devices directly with a clear connection with a wide range and high performance.

Increase your reach: With the Wi-Fi WAN functionalities of the Device Connector you can strengthen existing Wi-Fi signals and increase the reach of your wireless network. Device Connectors can repeat the signal from each access point, making them ideal for larger offices, industrial sites and parks and other outdoor areas.

Upgrade machines: with its compact metal look and 11ac Wi-Fi, the Device Connector is very suitable for thermostats, POS (Point of Sale) devices and vending machines and public safety and emergency services.

Weatherproof: Device Connectors are waterproof and lightweight, so they also have a wide range outside. This makes the Device Connector IP55 models ideal for video surveillance, the SCADA system and traffic control.

Pepwave PoE output: Device Connector IP55 models support 802.3af/48V Pepwave PoE (Power or Ethernet) output, allowing you to run two devices on one power source, including surveillance cameras and other peripherals. This way you avoid hassle with cables and the Connector is easier to implement.

Pepwave AP Pro

Even in the most extreme conditions, the Pepwave AP Pro provides you with a fast and reliable Wi-Fi connection. With its sealed and all-metal IP67 casing, the AP Pro is resistant to dirt, water and extreme temperatures in, among others, the industrial sector, public safety and transport.

Suitable for every circumstance: heat, cold, dust and water; the AP Pro is designed with powerful electronics and a robust casing, making it suitable for a factory, construction site and any other space with extreme conditions.

TruePower networks: the AP Pro features Peplink’s built-in TruePower RF technology, providing maximum transmission power for every connection with the highest data rate. With TruePower you are assured of a reliable and fast connection at any distance.

Internal and external management over your network: with the WLAN Controller from Peplink you can configure your AP Pro quickly and easily on the spot. But even if you’re not around, you have full control of your AP Pro with InControl, the Peplink service in the Cloud, which can be used from any web browser.

Built-in PoE: the AP Pro has built-in PoE (Power or Ethernet), which facilitates the implementation of your AP Pro and reduces installation costs.