Proud to be a sponsor of RTV Krimpenerwaard for their broadcast at Alpe d’HuZes in France

We are very proud to sponsor RTV Krimpenerwaard (Website) again with supplying Peplink routers, Poynting Group antennas and Mondicon sim cards, to be able to do a live broadcast about the Alpe d’HuZes in France.

Alpe d’huZes is a unique sporting event where as much money as possible is raised for cancer research and for improving the quality of life of people with cancer. The race day is always on the first Thursday in June and is part of a complete week. A special week full of solidarity, in which cancer is openly discussed for everyone.

For more info or if you want to donate: Website

Yesterday evening we went to RTV Krimpenerwaard to install & configure the hardware.  In France, they will use a Peplink HD4 LTEA mobile router with two Poynting OMNI-402 Omni Directional antennas, two XPOL-2 Directional MIMO antennas and 4 Mondicon sim cards with different profiles installed. The HD4 will be connected to a Peplink EPX router, installed in their datacenter in The Netherlands.

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