Providing technical training in Sweden

Today Joey and Yannick from FrontierBV provided a technical training, requested by one of our partners, to an end customer in Sweden.

We organize our self-made Peplink Sales & Technical trainings on a regular basis to our partners and their customers. In these sessions we also discuss the opportunities and the needs for reliable connectivity solutions.

These training sessions are not limited to our standard Sales & Technical training, but can also be adjusted to the needs of the partner/customer.

Besides our training courses, Frontier Computer Corp also offers the following services:

– Advise

– Configuration service

– (Pre) installation service

– Technical support

This way the deployment will be done as smooth as possible and with happy customers as a result.

Frontier Computer Corp. B.V. and Frontier Computer Corp. your added value distributor!

For more info for EU customers: Services

And for US customers: Website Frontier USA

Peplink: Unbreakable Connectivity, anytime, anywhere!

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