Reliable, fast and secure connectivity for the PublicSafety: More important than ever!

Reliable, fast and secure connectivity for the #PublicSafety: More important than ever!

For #Police, #FireBrigade, #Ambulance and other #emergency services it is important they are constantly innovating, to be able to work safer and even more efficient. Nevertheless, we still see many untapped possibilities in the field of mobile networks.

Peplink’s future proof models; Using swappable cellular modules, you can simply swap your older module for one with the newest technology, like #5g.

Peplink’s #SpeedFusion technology; Multi-cellular routers can combine the coverage of several mobile carriers for any application, such as Incident Command posts, Rapid Deploy Systems at any place where connectivity saves lives.

Hot Failover; Maintains secure tunnels over all available #WAN links, to keep the network up and running when a connection drops out. If a WAN link fails, all traffic is instantly routed to a working tunnel, so you have no interruptions.

WAN smoothing; Network traffic will be assigned to a WAN connection with the lowest latency.

In addition, the SpeedFusion application can seamlessly switch between different WAN’s, like 4G/5G and satellite.

Peplink‘s Unbreakable Connectivity; A perfect solution for the public safety.

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