SAVE A LOT OF MONEY on internet at sea thanks to Peplink 4G routers combined with Poynting antennas !

The cost of broadband internet at sea is often very expensive for shipowners. Because of this problem we have been looking for a solution to make connection more accessible and affordable at open sea situations. We have been testing using different Peplink routers in combination with Poynting antennas. We want to show you the amazing results of this test with a customer.

The Test

Using a combination of our Peplink BR1 router and two Poynting OMNI-291 4G cellular marine antennas, costs can be saved for FBB (satellite).

With the combination of Peplink and Poynting you are able to get a 4G signal on the sea where usually FBB was the only option. As a result, 6 to 8 GB of cellular data were consumed in the test phase and only 80MB via the FBB (satellite). The ship could still operate on 3G at least 35KM offshore.

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