Special bracket for Peplink’s Speed Fusion Engine

One of our partners asked us if we could find a solution to install antennas on Peplink’s SpeedFusion Engine and at the same time ensure that the cables do not disconnect from the router because of severe vibrations. We made a prototype of a bracket that offered this solution.

The world’s smallest wireless SD-WAN router that fits in the palm of your hand, comes standard with two LTE or LTE-A modems. The Engine is useful for implementations with limited space requirements and energy budgets. Place the SpeedFusion Engine in your product to give it the ability to connect to multiple cellular providers and form fast, unbreakable SpeedFusion connections.

The Speed Fusion Engine is the perfect solution to use for robots, drones, IP Camera’s, payment terminals, digital signage, vending machines, IoT sensors, high bandwidth hotspots and many more deployments that have tight space requirements and power budgets.

Datasheet: https://bit.ly/2Hy36ZH

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