SpeedFusion bandwidth bonding (Hybrid WAN)

SpeedFusion is a Peplink point-to-point technology that creates a virtual private network (VPN) on multiple internet connections between two or more Peplink or Pepwave routers in different locations.

With SpeedFusion, internet connections of different technologies e.g. private landline, public landline and wireless 4G LTE/3G connections, will be bonded as if they were one (hybrid WAN).

Traffic between locations will be transmitted on all available public and private connections under SpeedFusion virtual private network (VPN), that if one connection fails, the failure will be completely transparent to the network. This is session-persistent failover and is particularly useful for video surveillance or real-time streaming.

Point-to-point protocol of any type e.g. IPsec, L2TP or PPTP has encapsulation overhead and SpeedFusion is no exception. The encapsulation overhead is around 15-20% for Peplink SpeedFusion.

For large-scale SpeedFusion deployment connecting hundreds or even thousands of Peplink or Pepwave routers to a central location or a datacentre, a FusionHub virtual appliance is recommended.

FusionHub virtual appliance establishes SpeedFusion connection to Peplink or Pepwave routers. The FusionHub binary package and an installation guide can be downloaded here.

A FusionHub license key is required to use FusionHub. License keys differ in the number of Peplink or Pepwave routers that the FusionHub is able to connect to and the maximum SpeedFusion throughput the FusionHub is able to router. See pricing and discount for a full list of FusionHub license available.

If you have an existing FusionHub license and would like to upgrade, you can simply order a new license and apply to your existing FusionHub. The new license will overwrite your existing license.

Below is a comparison of load balancing (SD-WAN) and SpeedFusion bandwidth bonding (Hybrid WAN).


Load balancing (SD-WAN) SpeedFusion bandwidth bonding (Hybrid WAN)
For Business office, merchant vessel, leisure yacht, public service, events, construction site and mobile connectivity. Branch networking, enterprise private networking, video surveillance and real-time streaming.
Algorithms 7 advanced routing algorithms to distribute traffic over multiple connections. All connections are bonded as if they were one high-bandwidth connection.
Use bandwidth from all connections Yes Yes
Automatic failover Yes Yes
Session-persistent failover for video surveillance and real-time streaming No Yes
Quality of Service (QoS) Yes Yes
User group bandwidth reservation and limit Yes Yes
No encapsulation overhead Yes No
Does not require two or more Peplink or Pepwave routers in different locations for a point-to-point connection Yes No
Network traffic sent directly to destination without going through a point-to-point connection Yes No

Below is an overview of SpeedFusion bandwidth bonding (Hybrid WAN).