Stable and reliable internet connectivity is very important on construction sites!

Stable internet connectivity is very important on construction sites!

In the construction sector it is important that a high-speed internet connection is available for the employees. Communication on modern construction sites is based on a solid internet connection. It is clear that further digitization of the construction sites cannot be stopped. The fact that a significant proportion of construction sites do not have a wired internet connection, as these sites are often isolated and remote, is well known. Sometimes it takes a very long time to get the fixed line installed, so your construction project has already started by the time the connection has been arranged and installed. We are not even talking about the sky-high costs associated with the construction of a fixed connection. The above shows that there is a need for a quick, easy and affordable solution to connect the construction site with temporary internet, so that there is good communication between the construction sites themselves and with the head office. 4G is increasingly seen as a fully-fledged alternative and used as a replacement for fixed internet.

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