Stop losing business to interent outage

stop losing business to interent outage

Do you know how much business you lose to internet outage?

If your business opens 5 days a week and 8 hours a day, 3 hours of internet outage in a 4-week month means a 1.9% of business loss.

If your business makes €4,000 a month, in one year 1.9% means €912 lost to internet outage. The loss is even higher if your business makes more profit per month!

For every element your business relies on, you have a backup. You have a mobile number to make sure your customers can reach you when you are on the road. You have a backup pants for the rainy days. So why do you not have a backup for internet?

And the cost for an internet backup solution? There is no cost.

For an internet backup solution, we need a second internet connection which costs around €30 a month. We will also need an internet router that automatically and intelligently falls back to the backup internet when your primary connection is down.

Peplink is one the few elites that is committed to internet backup, high-availability and software-defined WAN (SD-WAN) networking. Backed by 10 years and counting of research and development, Peplink is widely recognised as a leader in those areas.

peplink balance multi-wan internet routers

The Peplink Balance One – Peplink’s dual-WAN internet router for business that connects to two internet connections at the same times costs €499.

Adding up all the costs, an internet backup solution costs €859 for the first 12 months, and €30 a month thereafter.

Recalling every year you lose €912 to internet outage. This means you are actually saving money every month with an internet backup solution!

See your savings in blue.

And as a bonus, with a Peplink Balance One router connecting to two internet lines, you can use both of them at the same time, instantly doubling your interent speed!

See how Pieter Kuenen, an online accountant in Cuijk, keeps his business going despite internet outage here.

We will help you stop losing business to internet outage. Just tell us how to reach you.

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