Success story

Customer success story is known to be an effective tool to raise awareness of Peplink solution and to provide exposure for our value-added integration partner.

Peplink and Frontier Computer Corp. B.V. will compose the customer success story, with mentions of the values that our partner provided, and with credit and referral to our value-added partner.

The story will be shared on our websites, social channels, in email newsletter, and press release as appropriate.

The following details are needed to compose a customer success story.

Customer acquisition

How did the end customer find out about Peplink e.g. through the partner, by a referral or by searching on Google?


What is the problem the end customer were facing e.g. slow, unreliable or expensive internet or what was the challenge the end customer wanted to overcome e.g. to increase bandwidth while driving down data cost?


What solution did we propose e.g. a Peplink Balance or Pepwave MAX connecting to multiple internet connections to drive down data cost while providing faster and more reliable internet?

Why did we propose this solution?

If applicable, what accessories did we propose to supplement the solution e.g. outdoor high-gain Wi-Fi/4G LTE antenna?

Why did we propose these accessories?


Did the end customer have a proposal from competitor?

If so, who was the competitor and what was the competing proposal?

Why did the end customer choose our Peplink solution over the competing offer?

Why did the end customer choose you as the integrator for their Peplink solution?


What were the obstacles during deployment e.g. lack of staff with IT networking knowledge to arrange installation with or any other unforeseen circumstances?

How did we overcome these obstacles?


With the Peplink solutions, what did we accomplish e.g. reducing 5GB data usage and saving €3,000 every month?


Photos of the Peplink/Pepwave devices in deployment and accessories e.g. antennas if applicable supplementing the deployment.


A testimonial from the customer. Full name and title of the contact person e.g. the IT manager. A photo of the contact person to complement the testimonial.

A testimonial from the integration partner. Full name and title of the integrator e.g. the account manager or the technical support engineer. A photo of the contact person to complement the testimonial.