The MAX BR1 Mini are in Stock!

The MAX BR1 are in stock.

The new MAX BR1 Mini are in stock.

It is engineered for transportation, digital signage, automated kiosk, M2M or any deployment that needs affordable and dependable 4G LTE connectivity.

It supports one 4G LTE by default. Ethernet or Wi-Fi as WAN failover os activated by add-on software license.

The MAX BR1 Mini supports also RS232 ethernet serial connectivity by add-on port adaptor. It allows for a serial-to-network connection and for out-of-band management.

Full specs and SKU can be reviewed in the datasheet here.

This new model follows a new volume discount distribution.. Discount depends on your partner level and the order quantity.

Go to the price list to see your discount. Look into the product description for MAX BR1 Mini for volume discount. Project offer is also available on request.

The MAX BR1 Mini are going out fast so place your order early to secure your shipment. If you are using the MAX BR1 Mini for a project, let us know in advance so we can make sure we will have the stock to fit your deployment schedule.

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