The Peplink and Poynting Group solutions used for Precision agriculture

The Peplink and Poynting Group solutions are used for Precision agriculture.

This means, using digital techniques to monitor and optimise agricultural production processes. Optimising production, by using the latest technology, is good for farmers but also very important, for the environment.

In the picture, Joey is configuring MAX BR1 MINI’s routers (datasheet) which will be used as a mobile internet hotspot that runs on 3G/4G cell networks. In this case, the routers will be installed in combine harvesters to provide internet access to any capable device from remote locations (where cellular signal is available).

For better reception, we use the new Poynting PUCK-2 LTE antennas (Datasheet), which will be installed on top of the cabin. LET OUR WIRELESS TECHNOLOGY WORK FOR YOU!

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