Tier 1 network provider looking for bonding solution

We were approached by a large Tier 1 network provider who was looking for a 4G solution that could bundle sim cards. Their customer was building a new warehouse and the delivery of the fiber link would take too long. One of their customer concerns was the VOIP traffic. This require a stable 4G solution that can move this data without packet loss via the Ipsec tunnel.

We did offer them the Peplink MAX HD4 MBX, as this unit is capable of combining the bandwidth of up to 4 cellular links into an unbreakable, high-speed SD-WAN connection, using Peplink’s proprietary,SpeedFusion,bonding technology.

Another advantage is that after the fiber has been installed, the router is easily integrated into the network, so they always have a backup should the landline fail.

We have also offered to measure the signal values of the different providers on site, so that we know whether we need Omni-Directional, Directional or a combination of these two.

Our solutions are not only suitable for large companies, but also for smaller companies that have the same problem and must have a solution until the fixed line is installed.

Are you looking for future proof 4G bonding solutions for a very reliable internet connection, please contact us to help you.

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