Tip: block Netflix with Peplink content blocking

In addition to blocking YouTubePeplink Balance and Pepwave MAX on the latest 6.3 firmware, can also block Netflix.

To block Netflix, on your Peplink or Pepwave web admin interface, navigate to:

Peplink Balance: Network > Firewall > Content Blocking
Pepwave MAX: Advanced > Content Blocking

Then add these domains to the customised domains.

  • Nflximg.*
  • Netflix.*
  • Nflext.com
  • nflxvideo.net

block youtube with peplink content blocking

Once the change is saved and applied, Netflix will no longer be accessible.

Note: Please make sure DNS settings and web cache are flushed after the changes are applied to avoid viewing YouTube content from your local cache.

In the next product firmware 6.3.2, Peplink plans to include a web blocking category checkbox for Netflix as well as for YouTube. Blocking them will be as simple as a single click. Watch out for them in the next firmware release.