Tip: connecting a serial device to the IP network with Pepwave MAX

Selected Pepwave MAX routers feature a RS-232 serial interface on the built-in terminal block. The RS-232 serial interface can be used to connect to a serial device and make it accessible over an TCP/IP network.

The serial interface can be enabled and parameters can be set on the web admin page under Advanced > UART. Make sure they match the serial device you are connecting to.

pepwave max rs-232 uart serial parameters

There are 4 pins i.e. TX, RX, RTS, CTS on the terminal block for serial connection and they correspond to the pins in a DE-9 connector as follow.

DE-9 Pepwave MAX Terminal Block
Pin 1
Pin 2 Rx (rated -+25V)
Pin 3 Tx (rated -+12V)
Pin 4
Pin 5
Pin 6
Pin 7 RTS
Pin 8 CTS
Pin 9

The RS232 serial interface is not an isolated RS232. External galvanic isolation may be added if required.

Be sure to check whether your serial cable is a null modem cable, commonly known as crossover cable, or a straight through cable. If in double, swap Rx and Tx, and RTS and CTS, at the other end for a try.

Once connected, your serial device should be accessible on your Pepwave MAX router LAN IP address at the specified TCP port.