Use the SIM injector to manage SIM cards without climbing hard-to-reach places!

We often have projects where partners are considering all the pros and cons of Pepwave outdoor models. With an outdoor unit on a deployment you are able to keep the distance between the router and antennas as short as possible. That’s necessary for a good signal. But when you have an outdoor unit installed on hard-to-reach places it’s difficult to manage the SIM cards and make any changes. This discussion is something we see often in our daily work.

We now have the HD2 Dome and SIM Injector (Datasheet) that makes things a lot easier for our partners in the deployments! We see great potential in this solution for the transportation, construction and for other remotely managed deployments.

With the SIM Injector you are able to remotely manage your SIM cards from an indoor location or from the ground floor while your Pepwave router is mounted somewhere in a high up place.

Using the SIM Injector, you can add an additional eight SIM cards to your deployment.

What’s more, these SIM cards can be located separately from the router! Simply connect an Ethernet cable between the SIM injector and the HD2 Dome and you are all set! The SIM injector is capable of PoE output, so you can power the HD2 Dome directly with it.

Together, the HD2 Dome and SIM Injector can make deployments significantly easier to set up and manage. Do you have you an opportunity that fits these requirements? Please let us know and we can help you find an appropriate solution! We see great potential in this solution for the transportation, construction, public safety (like mobile command vehicles) and for many other remotely managed deployments.