We would like to share another Maritime challenge where we had to find a solution for

A partner contacted us for a solution onboard a very large sailing yacht. With the materials used in sailing yachts these days, the radio waves of the cellular connections are frequently interrupted. When using a single router, our partner had the problem that every time the ship faced one side to the shore, there was no cellular connection. This effect resulted in more data usage via satellite, which is more expensive and has a higher latency than 4G data. The other problem our partner faced, was the cable length to the top of the mast; this would be extremely long if they would use indoor routers with external antennas. Signal loss would be too high, resulting in very poor or even no connection. To solve these issues, we presented the solution shown below. With Peplink’s SpeedFusion technology, we create unbreakable connectivity using a FusionHub as an end-point. When 4G is out of range, the balance 305 switches automatically to the satellite connection.

Both HD2 Dome’s have their own Sim Injectors for easy access when changing SIM’s and also delivering power via PoE+, so an extra switch is not needed.

More info on Peplink’s HD2 Dome and Sim Injector: Datasheet

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