Why is having the highest dBi or range on Marine antennas not important.

We are regularly asked if we can supply marine antennas with a high range, preferably 12 dBi or higher. This sounds very logical, because the higher the range, the larger the area that the signal covers. But the higher the dBi value, the narrower the receiving cone will be.

And there the problem lies!

Due to the movements the ship makes at sea, you have a greater chance that the signal from the high-range antenna will miss the 4G mast. This is not conducive to achieving reliable, good quality connectivity, as you often lose the signal. It is better to use an Omni Directional Antenna of 6 to 7 dBi, because the elevation beam-width is higher and therefore more efficient.

See our picture for more details.

Of course, other factors are also very important, like installing the antennas as hight as possible, minimal space between the antennas, cable length between the router and the antenna etc.

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