WiFi Hotspot We.Stream for travelers!

Last September I went backpacking with my girlfriend in Vietnam. This was a new experience for both of us! Our plan was to travel through the country in 3 weeks time, starting from Hanoi in the North and ending in Ho Chi Minh City in the South.

We find it important to have good connectivity when traveling from place to place. For example, for navigating, booking hotels, finding nice restaurants, tracking work e-mails and of course to keep in touch with our families and friends in the Netherlands.

We did not want to take the risk to return home and receive a huge phone bill later. With my Dutch subscription I would pay €5.00 per MB in Vietnam! With the amount of data that we eventually used during the trip, this would have cost us some thousands of euros (!). So this was something we wanted to prevent! In addition, a local SIM card was not an option for me. I wanted to keep my number to remain accessible for important business and private phone calls.

As a solution we used the WiFi Hotspot We.Stream for our trip! It is a compact WiFi hotspot with a built-in Cloud SIM where you can connect a total of 5 devices. With the push of a button you can activate the worldwide data plans and use Unlimited Internet. We chose a 5GB bundle, which is valid for 30 days. The costs of this (€ 99) is only a fraction of the amount that we would have had to pay if I had to use the internet via my Dutch subscription.

Upon arrival in Hanoi at the airport we used the We.Stream to use the taxi service Grab. With the Grab app you can see exactly how expensive a taxi ride is to the hotel and you do not run the risk paying too much. Getting scammed was not an option anymore ;). We had a very stable connection and constant 4G+. Even in the mountains in Sa Pa we had no problems with the connection. With an impressive view we could enjoy music on Spotify and Soundcloud.

During the long hiking routes in the mountains and the long bus rides through Vietnam our smartphone batteries were running low. Fortunately, you can also use the We.Stream as Powerbank to charge your phone. That was very handy because you usually had no charging points in the bus.

We soon found out that you could get free WiFi in restaurants / cafes almost everywhere in Vietnam. But often these networks were not protected with a password. And if this was the case, the passwords were very easy to guess. Usually the password consisted the name of the restaurant followed by a number combination “123”. Or the numbers “12345678”. This is not really a secure connection, as cyber criminals and hackers increasingly use this kind of insecure networks to intercept data. With a We.Stream you can set up a VPN connection so that you can work and browse safely on your mobile device. Thanks to this VPN connection you have the possibility, for example, to set up a direct secure connection between the device and the company network. This way you can securely connect to the internet and to the company network.

A big advantage of We.Stream is that with the Cloud SIM you can currently use internet in 145 countries and new countries are added every time! If you have SIM cards yourself, you can also use them in combination with the We.Stream. The We.Stream has 2 SIM card slots where you can place the local SIM cards. Via the menu of the device you can easily switch to the SIM you have chosen, so you have extra flexibility.

We have made use of the built-in Cloud SIM. We had connection everywhere in Vietnam. It did not matter whether we were in the jungle, in the mountains or on sea (Like on Ha Long Bay), with the We.Stream we were able to decide and book a lot while traveling and that’s why we could enjoy our time at our destinations!